About us

We accompany and support you from the moment of your arrival to the moment of departure from the country.

Transfer services is a new concept in passenger transportation. The key difference of a transfer from an ordinary taxi lies in the quality and capabilities of the service. Transfer stands for elite passenger transportation, it means that the cars provided should be only of prestigious brands of well-known automakers. Our clients use the services of private airports, helicopter landing grounds, separate gates of railway stations and the seaports.

We buy cars of expensive and prestigious brands, in which the level of comfort and safety take the first place. We can tell you a long story about transfer services, give examples of the relevance of this service. In any case, one cannot but agree that transfer services are in demand and attracts an increasing number of customers.

Our achievements:

We provided a range of services to our clients participating in very significant events:

Our achievements:

  • World Music Awards in Monte-Carlo, France (held since 2007)
  • The Best FIFA Football Awards in Zurich, Switzerland (held since 2017)
  • The International Cannes Film Festival, the annual film festival held at the end of May in Cannes (France) in the Palais des Festivals and Congresses on the Croisette.
  • Venice International Film Festival
  • Polar Music Prize, an international music award held annually in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Golden Gramophone, one of the most important Russian music awards (held in Moscow since 1996)
  • The French Open Tennis Championship, one of four Grand Slam tournaments, now held in Paris (France) at the courts of the local Roland Garros tennis complex.
  • The Nobel Prize, one of the most prestigious international awards, the awards take place annually, on December 10, in the capitals of the two countries - Sweden and Norway.

Our goals in the transfer business market are:

  • The Fashion Awards, the awarding of those who have made the most outstanding contribution to the fashion industry during the year.
  • Oscar Awards, the award ceremony is held annually in Los Angeles, at the Dolby Theater, and is broadcast live in dozens of countries around the world.
  • Golden Globe, an American award, which is currently being awarded in Los Angeles (USA). It is awarded every January.
  • The Grammy Award, the premiere world music award held annually in America.
Our goals:

To enter the UK market because there are a lot of corporate clients who use the services of similar companies; and a number of events is being held


  • Other activities related to land transport

  • The activities of financial holding companies

  • The activities of open-ended investment companies

  • Rental and leasing of passenger and light vehicles


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